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fao cares

We are stepping up preventive measures to protect our shoppers from Covid-19 Virus!!


Your healthy and safety are our consent!

In order to control the spread of Covid-19 and provide a safety environment for all our tenants & shoppers, we will ensure the following safety done before the mall operating.

  1. Sanitizing/disinfecting all the common area and equipment that have direct contact with customers especially on cashier counters, kiddie trolleys and others.

  2. Cleaning all the common area, restroom, pool, windmill, parking area and others.

  3. Done Pest control at the common area.

  4. In order to provide a green environment to all shoppers and tenants, all gardening work done before the opening hours.

  5. Bunting, Standee with guidelines of Covid-19 will be display around the mall to educated tenants & shoppers.

  6. Line marking tapes at entry checkpoint, customer service counter and others.

  7. And others necessary work.

The #NEWNORMAL Shopping Guide
Temperature Check at Individual Outlet
Wear Face Mask at All Times
Practice Social Distancing
Hand Sanitizers provided at surrounding mall
we sanitize 3 times per day
we clean the mall daily
Your Safety, Our Priority