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SHOP & WIN Redemption Program(Lucky Dip & Lucky Spenders)

Try your luck here!!

Join our LUCKY DIPS & LUCKY SPENDERS redemption program after shopping @freeportafamosaoutlet !!

Duration: From 13th September 2021 onwards

1 x Lucky Dips

· Spend minimum of RM200 to be eligible. Maximum combination of two (2) receipts purchased on the same day.

· RM200 (1 Dip) ; RM400 (2 Dips) ; RM600 (3 Dips) ; RM800 (4 Dips)

1 x Lucky Spenders

· Be one of 10 winners to win RM200 worth of SHOPPING VOUCHER.

· Every Minimum spend of RM200 will entire to join this special LUCKY DRAW session.

· Collect and fill up the participate form from our Customer Service Counter.

· Drop it into entry bins provided, winners will be announced after end of the campaign.


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