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There Are Insta-Worthy Art Installations,

Exhibitions Hidden In Plain Sight At Freeport A’Famosa Outet

Who says you can only see art and get up close with Insta-worthy installations in galleries and museums? Now you can get your art fix at a place where you least expect : a mall. 

Here’s How To Find Them


Iconic Building Architecture

freeport afamosa outlet

Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is set in an open air mall features a lake, fountains, carousel and windmill with unique architecture themed on Malacca’s Dutch heritage.

Windmill Canel

Located right in FAO, the Windmill Canel offers a perfectly preserved glimpse into the Netherlands with a Canel featuring fountains and a Giant Windmill structure. 

The Windmill Canel attracts nearly a million visitors per year and it's one of the FAO's best loved photo spots.


FAO Love Sculpture


Fill your camera with LOVE or with sunset scenes that stretch across the nearly one end of FAO’s Windmill Canel River.


We’re told it’s best viewed at night when neon lights illuminate the display.


Get Merry and Go Round on Unique Carousels ride in FAO, there’s something simply magical about taking a spin on an old-fashioned carousel. Often one of the first rides a child gets to experience, carousels have a special way of making even the most timid tiny ones crack a smile, and they’re a treat for all ages. 

Hop on a carousel at one of the area malls for a year-round shopping distraction !


Rainbow Splash Pad Fountain

What’s more fun than splashing around? Kids of all ages have a unique attraction to interacting with water for entertainment. 

Let the Rainbow Splash Pad Fountain bring out your inner kid in you !

If you a lucky, get a chance to capture the partial rainbow created between the fountain against the sun on a bring scorching day.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-21 at 2.27.15 PM.jpeg

FAO Wall of Fame

Wall of FAME

FAO’s Wall of FAME features the most popular brands that are available within FAO. 

Creating FAO’s Wall of FAME gives shoppers an overall glimpse all of their favourite sought after brands. 

Take a picture with the frames as so you can easily use it as a reference to cross out all the stores you plan to visit 


Floating Umbrella Street

The sea of umbrellas, that appear to be floating magically in mid-air is one of the art installations here in FAO.  

As well as adding a splash of colour, the umbrellas provide shade for shoppers from the baking sun.

Photos of the floating umbrellas got quite viral over the internet, sending many shoppers to walk down the  most colorful street in FAO themselves.

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