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"A house is built by hands, but a home is built by heart."

People come and go in our lives but the togetherness of a family is the warm shelter we seek when we falter.

First introduced in 1992, AKEMI is a trusted home furnishing and accessories brand that strives to create special moments of togetherness in every family, through offering an extensive array of bedding, bedding accessories and bath essentials. Be it from pillows, bolsters, quilts to towels; these little offerings accompany every family in every stages of their lives; subtly capturing joy behind everyday moments.

After all, we were there when you held your new-born; we were there when you slept soundly into the night; we were there when you enjoyed those quiet times with your loved ones; we were there when you found your way back home.

At AKEMI, we embrace the importance of togetherness and we aspire to provide the best for all in your family.

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